Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Island of Spice - James Ainsworth

James Ainsworth writes that he is
a freelance writer and journalist in Denver. I write features about music, entertainment and popular culture, particularly in relation to Africa and African Americans, and I also do copywriting and scriptwriting. I've traveled extensively in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore, and I lived in Johannesburg, South Africa for 8 years, from the historic April, 1994 national elections until March, 2002.
In "On African and African American Actors" he writes:
Ah, Bra John, "Their blacks are better than yours"? I think you're a little misguided on this...

Much respect, John Matshikiza--much respect... Don't get me wrong--your work in theater, stage, film and television is uncompromising. I loved you in that artful, stupendous film, "The Heart of the Country." Between the breathtaking scenery, shining cinematography, and passionate portrayals of idiosyncratic characters karmically entwined in the Free State, I saw a glimpse of the possibility of what real, world-class South African cinema could be.

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