Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Treasure Island - JD

Good advice from JD:

Loved ones! Please! Do not mistakenly assume that you will always be blessed with the aroma of love. Today, while you have breath, do something to say “thanks”. Creatively code your passionate irrational insanity into an unforgettable message. When you next rest your head on a fragrant pillow, breathe deeply as you wink into sweet sleep.

From JD's profile:

Flooded passages and the feeble pointing finger of a WWII veteran point our way to tons of burried treasure. This blog began as a historical account of the search and recovery of golden bars of Japanese war booty. It is written as a fictional image of what happened to me yesterday. I have four sons. The fact that I have zero daughters proves the existence of God (I could neither discipline a daughter nor resist her requests). Seeing urgency to love others while time remains as being the crucial focus of each effort, I attempt to occasionally interject the philosophy of love.
For more insights on the philosphy of love, check out JD!

Updated 10/31/05:
This blog is temporarily abandoned.

Oh well, I hope it wasn't something I said.

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