Friday, October 28, 2005

hypocritical - Rick Turoczy

Rick Turoczy is hypocritical. In his own words:
Sometimes I write hypocritical, a blog on marketing. Its purpose, beyond feeding my pure unadulterated hubris, is to provide yet another forum for yet another a) frustrated writer, b) misunderstood genius, c) marketing slob to critique concepts, capture thoughts, pose questions, and share ideas, in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the art of communication. While it is doubtful I will uncover anything new, perhaps I will provoke thought or provide the right sugarcoating to make an idea digestible or inspire you, gentle reader, to comment, critique, and return.
He writes with Blogger, has been having problems with trackbacks and wrote about it when he identified the problem.

In his posting on Take my RSS feed, please:

Just think. A few magic clicks of your mouse and you could be hosting such previous gems as:

* Want comments on your blog?

* RSS feeds: Can't we just all agree on a common home?

…. and much much more

But that's not all, act now and you'll get all the lame posts, too. At no additional cost. Hearken back to the times we all groaned when I wrote:

* St. Patrick's Day, an increasingly vulgar brand that continues to remain popular

* Don't recreate the wheel that has already been created: The fine art of creating a satirical marketing site (and using the word "create")

…. and much much more

Well worth taking the feed for!

1 comment:

Rick Turoczy said...

Thank you very, very much for the citations and the link. It is greatly appreciated... by me, I mean.

I'm afraid that once your readers see the kind of drivel that I write, you're likely to get flamed. But, so be it. I, for one, appreciate your taking the risk by highlighting the work of a not-so-young kid trying to make his way up from the streets.

Keep up the good work!

Take care,