Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Life Beyond Code - Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty has just published his new book, Life Beyond Code.

He is an Entrepreneur, Author and a Teacher (he describes himself as someone who EATs with passion!)

His insight on the tortoise and the hare story:
Stories can mis-lead us and take us in the wrong direction if we are not careful. If you really want to conclude "slow and steady wins the race", please go and find something else other than the above story to based your conclusions on.

My $.02: This story has run its course. When everyone around you is "fast and steady" and you are "slow", this story or the conclusion won't help. You need to change!

His advice on celebrating small victories:
Nobody is surprised when a small failure causes a major upset but everyone will raise their eyebrows if a small victory is celebrated in a big way. Both are extremes but each one gets a different treatment.

Happy people do things the other way around. It's fun to be around people who celebrate small victories. They are full of life and they bring life to people around them.

When was the last time you celebrated a small victory? May be it's time for a small celebration for a small victory...

Make it an event on your day to read Rajesh!

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