Monday, October 31, 2005

eye 2 eye - Ian Macarthur

From the land down under comes this blogger discussing multidisciplinary, cross-cultural design practice, innovation & creativity.

Ian is also a frequent reader of cph127 (also noted in this hitchhiker guide)

In his blogger profile, Ian says of himself:
My focus and professional interests and practice are in the area of design management. I consider China, India and Asia more generally to be of greatest importance in terms of opportunities for design as a profession to make significant difference to the future of all people on the planet. I am interested in contributing to the process of educating industry and people about the need to utilise design in these regions in order to maximise the potentials of collaborative practice, new technologies and education to solve the problems we face as a global community.
Ian writes on East | West behavioural and thinking dichotomies
The Shanghai Swiss Chamber of Commerce recently commissioned Birds & Fish Communications to work on the development of a quarterly magazine appropriately titled “The Bridge”. Designed to foster more awareness of Swiss Chinese business relations in Shanghai and China generally the publication’s March 2005 issue featured a wonderful article “10 differences between Western and Eastern Behaviour and Thinking” by Hans J.Roth, Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai. The article describes the most significant differences between European and Chinese cultural environments. Although quite broad brushstrokes the observations can be considered a solid general guideline. I thought it would be positive to share the main points of difference highlighted in the article.
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So if you are interested in design and opportunities in China, read Ian!

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