Thursday, July 28, 2005

Making A Difference

Making a Difference is features ideas, resources and support for people working to make a difference.

In a recent post, Stepping out of your comfort zone, Hanna Cooper writes,
"Going out on a limb, taking the plunge, walking a tightrope... just some of the language we use about taking a chance. A risk. And yet, how much there is to be gained by extending out into the void, and out of our comfort zone?"
Hanna writes from personal experience, her participation in the Twin Cities - Chicago AIDS ride, 500 miles in July through the Wisconsin countryside.

"The physical and mental endurance and stamina that this event required took me way out of my comfort zone."

"Since then, I've often recalled the lessons of this experience - learning to accept things as they were, trusting my body, and knowing my limits - to remind myself of my strength, capacity, and humility. Taking on a big challenge, stepping out of my comfort zone, ultimately helps me to take on greater challenges, and keeps me moving towards my goals to make a difference."

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