Sunday, July 10, 2005

35 Degrees

35 Degrees is a blog in oriental and wine, written by a self-proclaimed "Super-Fab Work Goddess."

Current projects at 35 Degrees include: 26 Things, Kimono Philes, Photo Friday, and Seven Deadly Sins. These are all pictorals.

Here, the Work Goddess describes the magical night her husband proposed to her:

We lived in Tokyo (in the sleepy hamlet of Senkawa, a piss-throw from Ikebukuro) from October 2001 until April 2004. Husband drunkenly proposed to me in Kyoto on New Years Day 2003 (yes’m – kawaaaaaiiiiii, ne!) and I drunkenly accepted. Rather than fork out hundreds of thousands of yen to rent out a tacky function centre for 4000 of our closest friends, we decided to get hitched on the beach in Palm Cove in May 2004, followed by a Ni-Ji-Kai in Melbourne in August. Melbourne is now our home, although I do crave kimchi and CoCo Ichibanya katsu-karri more than is decent.

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