Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tap Dance Blog - Terrance "Taps"

As a life long runner, I have great appreciation for the physical abilities of dancers, especially tap dancers. So finding Terrence "Taps" cruising amongst the blogosphere was a real treat!
Terrence "Taps" began studying the art of tap dancing at the age of nineteen at Norma’s Academy. Within a year he had moved from the Adult Beginner’s Class to the Advanced Level. Within two years he began performing with the Senior Company, in addition to acting as a substitute teacher for all levels of tap dance classes. Since then he has gone on to teach classes at studios throughout the metro Atlanta area. He has built upon his abilities as a teacher & choreographer through each of these experiences.
Check out his video samples here

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William said...

Very interesting. I'm a Salsa dancer at heart. But I'd like to get into Tap dancing this year or Swing. I'm going to do a little more research.