Monday, February 25, 2008

Kamangir - Archer

I am an Iranian student, not studying politics, law, or anything related to what I talk about in here. I have been living in Canada, since last year, with my lovely wife, Azadeh, and our zero children.

Kamangir means archer in Persian, and please remember that the name Farsi is the Arabic term for the language I speak as my mother tongue. So, here, I will only use the term Persian. I have chosen Kamangir as my blog’s name because my first name is Arash. In the mythology, Arash is the heroic archer who saves Iran. the full story is mentioned here.

I am an agnostic, raised in an Islamic country. Since childhood, one of my greatest challenges has been to explain to Muslims how obvious they think their ideas are and how ignorantly they force others to live as they do. Obviously, this blog follows the same path. However, when I talk about the words “Islam” and “Muslim”, I mean the mainstream Islam and Muslimism. To my understanding, people have the right to worship whatever they want to however they want to and this is none of anyone’s business. However, when people force children to recite books or take ideology courses, or collapse twin buildings, for that matter, in the name of Allah, I find no reason to remain silent.

There is more to the "long version" of Arash's profile that you can read here.

I had already written What I Learned from People before finding Kamangir. This is one site that helps to bring the other point of view forward. Cruise amongst the media rich site and see for yourself.

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