Friday, February 15, 2008

5 for Friday

5 for Friday along the trail for passion.

1 - Let's start with a video clip:

From The Wardman Wire

2 - And what twist and turn in the trail brought me to Dangerously Irrelevant, I am not sure. But I have the feeling that I have been here before. I recognize the name Scott McLeod.

3 - And from the Agile Chronicles we read:

I've got a question for you... Do the same rules for leading volunteers apply when leading employees?

We pay people to come to work but can we buy their enthusiasm and creativity? What about their passion and excitement? Maybe we need to consider applying the same or similar leadership principles in our businesses that we've discussed for our volunteer organizations? Do we need to modify our list for business and employees? Let me know your thoughts and what's working for you.

4 - And we find Alun writing at Archaeoastronomy

I am currently a PhD student in the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at Leicester University. My work seems to concentrate on the cross-over between science and humanities, in particular with work on Archaeoastronomy.

My current PhD in soundbite form is seeing whether there is an astronomical fingerprint for Greek settlement in the western Mediterranean which can help show the difference between Hellenised and non-Hellenised sites. It works from two perspectives. One is the Ancient Historical problem of whether or not the natives of Sicily and Italy did become Hellenised and how did it happen? The archaeoastronomical side is testing the assumption that cultures do exhibit shared orientations for superstructure or infrastructure.

5 - And we find Christine writing at chicken

Christine Stefanitsis, a founding member of little chick press, is a writer with poetry and fiction published in CV2, Fireweed and Emerge. Editing and publishing a Canadian literary magazine for women has been a life-long dream. Through her writing blog,, Christine anticipates coaxing her novel back to life.

Quite the variety today. I hope you will enjoy one or more of these and find time to enter them into your RSS Reader of choice.

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