Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I blame the patriarchy - Twisty

I'd like to borrow one of my favorite lines from the Monty Python gang to introduce this next blog to the hitchhikers: And now for something completely different!

Yes, Twisty writes at I blame the patriarchy. As the tag line reads:

I Blame The Patriarchy exists to advance the radical feminist views of Twisty Faster, a gentleman farmer and spinster aunt eating dinner in Austin, Texas.

I Blame The Patriarchy is intended for advanced patriarchy-blamers. It is not a feminist primer. See Patriarchy-Blaming The Twisty Way for details.

and if you follow the links you can get to Twisty Faster's story:
Meet your host, Twisty Faster. Twisty grew up on a farm in Texas. One day she went to St. Louis, Missouri. There she was drugged and held prisoner without any decent tacos for 25 years. Eventually she was able to reach escape velocity. She hooked it back to Texas pronto. She now resides in North South Austin.

Twisty's pop culture credentials include coming of age in one of today's most popular decades, the 70's. She studied E Lit at Washington University in St. Louis for a while, toiled as a bartender for a while, wrote songs and played guitar in a couple of loud rock bands, and wrote songs and played Casio in one quiet Casio band, for a while.

For a while, Twisty was a restaurant critic at a Midwestern news weekly. Her unorthodox views regarding provel "cheese," combined with her effete and pompous style, earned her a prestigious James Beard Award nomination in 2003, which we mention merely to alleviate any anxiety that she is without credentials in the food-obsession racket.

Nowadays, she is a spinster aunt. These are her stories.

So check in on Twisty. You'll be glad you did!

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