Friday, June 02, 2006

Come Gather Round - Dick Richards

Dick Richards writes at Come Gather Round. He says:

I guide people and organizations in pursuit of their aspirations. In practice, that has meant a lot of things: offering guidance and counsel to leaders, developing change agents, designing and delivering training programs, articulating visions and values, facilitating whole system change, and helping teams and organizations work on the right things in the right way and for the right results. I have been a senior consultant to three major corporate turn-arounds. I have coached leaders and/or consulted for more than fifty organizations in over a dozen countries. The vast majority of that work has involved helping people and organizations change to meet new realities.

His Google Group is quite active as folks seek for their genius and others provide advice.

He has written a book Is Your Genius at Work?

What is your genius?

If you don't know, or are not sure,
you should read more about Dick and he can help you find it!

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