Thursday, December 20, 2007

Read my Mind: Elaine Vigneault

Elaine admits that she is a
"compulsive writer. I write about changing the world: politics, philosophy, social commentary, feminism, veganism, animal rights, environmentalism... I write about changing the woman myself: egoism, a diary about my life, where I document my travels and adventures as well as my heartaches and depressions... I write about changing the web: blogging, social networking, internet trends and memes, new and useful technology, beginner tutorials, and more."
Her current posts highlights a fresh voice from London, check out Holly Hates Everything.


Elaine Vigneault said...

Hey, thanks for featuring my blog :)

Steve Sherlock said...

Elaine, you are most welcome! I found your blog a while ago but just got around to posting it. I think your find of Holly helped. Keep on writing!