Friday, December 21, 2007

Five for Friday

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At heart, Extensis is still a company where font geeks and design aficionados reign supreme. But nowadays, our ‘reign’ just happens to be subject to oversight by the likes of our Corporate Solutions folks, our General Manager, and so on. OK, so we admit we’ve grown up a bit over the last 14 years. But we’re still doing what we set out to do from Day One – make the lives of creatives easier (i.e., equip creatives with better tools to work faster and smarter.) So, how are we doing that exactly? Well, simply by making it easier to organize, find, select, share and distribute fonts and digital files. After all, in today’s age of digital workflows, these are the building blocks for creative design work. And with the average creative professional having to manage thousands of digital files and fonts, our font management and creative assets management software has never been more critical to ensuring that creatives still have that all-important time to… well, simply create.
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Paris Romance is a result of one of the most challenging times of my life. At seventeen, a high school drop-out, eighteen living on my own, in six months I was pregnant, by nineteen I was married, and at twenty a dignified mom. The whirlwind has left me feeling like I need to clear my throat and tell my honest story to the world- I decided that the blogosphere would suit me just fine. I find catharsis in knowing that I have put “it” out there. My ideas, thoughts, rants, and that somebody has scooped it up and acknowledged them. It’s like therapy without eye contact. You can judge me silently, in the privacy of your own space. I won’t have to see it. The name Paris Romance signifies the relationship I am ever searching for… the one that is perfection.The one that doesn’t exist. This blog is my middle finger to the reserved wallflower I can be in person. I also write a column for the successful womans online publication Both outlets have quickly become my alter egos. When I thought I had the world in my palm, life began leading me down a path I never imagined going. So here I am, ripe with life experience, ready to speak volumes.
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3 - Recent posts are titled:
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4 -

Back in 2005, Heather and I got pregnant. We decided to create an audio baby book, so that our great, great grandchildren could listen to how nuts we were (and understand why the family is so weird).

We both decided that it would be fun to turn the baby book into an Internet radio show, or podcast, so that we could share our trials and tribulations with all of you.

So, without further ado. Please sit back and relax and have a listen. You just might even learn something, or at least have some laughs at our expense.

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5 -

Hi! My name’s Rich. Online I go by Rich G. and by simplerich. Both are names I’ll answer to online and in real life. I’m the oldest of three and I live within a couple hours of my parents now. I’m single, almost forty, and like watching the Riverkings (hockey). I’ve lived in Alabama first, then Germany until I graduated high school, then Iowa for the longest, and I live outside of Memphis, TN right now. I like geocaching and riding motorcycles (cruisers, not sport bikes).

I’ve been online steadily since the early 90’s. I was online briefly in the late 80s on Compuserve with an Atari and a 300 baud modem if you can believe it. I loved it even then at those speeds.

I’ve been in management for around fifteen years all together at one level or another. Currently I’m a supervisor of sorts with supervisors and managers under me. It’s not my favorite position, but if I ask those under and over me they say I’m doing it well. I guess that’s all I can go by right?

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