Monday, October 22, 2007

A Like Affair With Words

From the Billy Collins trail we find Rachel writing at A Like Affair with Words
Plenty of blogs claim they will help improve your writing.
Plenty of blogs are dedicated to helping you make money as a freelancer.
Still others review books, report on the world of journalism, or monitor trends in literature. No blog does it all--except A Like Affair With Words.
Tips, tools, and information every weekday, with a healthy leaven of trivia and fun thrown in for kicks.
Welcome to A Like Affair With Words.
In her About page, she says:
I’m Rachel. I’ve lived in a bunch of different places (Minnesota, New York, England, Pennsylvania), visited a bunch more, and would like to live in and visit even more. I’ve recently graduated from Adelphi University, which no longer has a money-embezzling president and is, really, quite a good small school.
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Rachel said...

Hey, it's Rachel. Thanks for the link! You have an interesting concept here. I'll keep an eye on it.

Anthony said...

How does a person gain consideration for inclusion in your guide?

The inclusion of reviews always makes things interesting. Curious how people can see the same thing quite differently.

As it works out, I may have the perfect "get acquainted" post sitting in the number one spot now at The Lives and Times...

Ever thought of a "best of" sort of deal in your sidebar for sites you want to do a link exchange with?