Monday, September 19, 2005

Presto Speaks - Shelly

Shelly is "A middle-aged public librarian who has gotten addicted to blogging."

Addicted? And I thought I had a few blogs. Try this, Shelly is writing on 9 Blogger blogs in addition to a couple of LiveJournal and AOL pages!

There must be something here that will hook you.

Cyber Chocolate is her main blog.

The Write Stuff is her blog on writing.

Retro-Spectives is her blog for reminiscences.

The Malt Shop is her blog for memes.

Creative Endeavors is her photo blog.

Shelly's Book Shelf is her book review blog.

Shelly's Comic Book Shelf is her blog on comic books.

Impish Delights is her blog on what she is reading.

Alternate Reality is her blog on science stuff.

ImPress Books is yet another web site.

Now, is this the sign of a split personality?

or addiction to blogging?

or just one more indication that Blogger should add categories?

Enjoy reading Shelly!

1 comment:

Shelly said...

Very cool. Thanks. And to think, I've been considering giving up RetroSpective, since it's the one I post to least often. :)

Seriously, much as I want Blogger to add categories and/or tags, I created some of the blogs to play with the templates. LiveJournal allows you to change the look of your blog while saving the old look, but with Blogger, you can't do that. And playing with templates is how I've been learning basic html and a bit of css.

I also had 3 or 4 blogs on other services, just to try them out, but I deleted those. :)