Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Las Fashionistas

Las Fashionistas writes in the About Me section:

We are the Lewis and Clark of keeping it real, since our radio show began in 2002. Since the world refuses to recognize our talents, we are forced to relegate our shining intellects to that sellout sludge of all publication, that dungeon of unrecognized writing potential, that drain of all aspiring writers who just didn't quite make it, that kingdom of armchair philosophers who have the unmitigating gall to think that someone actually wants to read what they write, the Internet. Of course we skewer celebrities and the real holders of the coolness sceptres, perhaps out of jealousy, but they deserve what they get because we are unflappably honest and blunt. So A-listers through D-listers, and really, the world at large, beware.

If you need a fix with the latest in the tabloids, check it out!

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