Monday, April 25, 2005

Small Business Trends - Anita Campbell

Yes, by now you must realize that I love crawling through some links.
Gotta be careful sometimes.
But sometimes, there is just pure joy and rapture
with "Oh my, what have we here!" discoveries.

Hence, today I went from "Leadership Now" a Bnet blog.

To the Bnet blog home page where market segmentation caught my eye.

Followed the link to read Anita there.

Followed another link to read Anita here.

I promise not to find too many new discoveries in her PowerBlog Review section. Only if I'm in a real pinch. :-)

You should have plenty to read from Anita now.

You can blame me later!

Updated 4/27/05: BLOGthenticity is now a "second home" for Antia's PowerBlog Reviews.

1 comment:

Anita Campbell said...


Thank you so much for the kind words and for noting what I am doing!

Sometimes I wonder if anyone notices, and it makes it all worthwhile to read a post like yours.