Friday, April 01, 2005

The Mindjet Blog

Yes, the Mindjet Blog. Mindjet is a software package for mapping ideas or more directly they say:
... well my point is this - I believe that there is a new important trend emerging - Information Visualization and Management - that is going to have a significant impact on the way users work with information. I am talking about an information interface or visual workplace in which users can simply capture, create, aggregate, organize, view and interact and share the information they need using the applications and data sources that are relevant to their responsibilities. The focus becomes the context of the information and not the application serving it. This will decouple the application interface from the information and free business teams to engage and collaborate using information in a far more effective (i.e creative) fashion than is now possible.

Separation of content from the medium?
What does that do to the message?
Everyone working at Mindjet can post on this blog and the conversations will be driven by what drives us: how the power of visual MindManager maps will change the way people collaborate.

They will apparently be "walking the talk".
Stay tuned in to this as it develops.

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