Friday, March 04, 2005

The Artful Manager - Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor's blog focuses on the business of arts and culture. I found this blog about a week or so ago and have been impressed with the crossover possibilities it poses.

Business is a transaction between two parties. So while there are non-profit businesses and for profit businesses, there are still transactions, and there are still budget issues, market issues, personnel issues, etc.

Andrew reviews the business world and looks to see what can be done to improve the business of arts and cultural institutions.

For example in this post, he looks at Wal-Mart; how they operate particularly around price points, and how they use data to drive their operations.

He concludes: "There's lots in that statement of direct value to arts and cultural managers. We don't have to become Wal-Mart, but we can learn from it."

Yes, much of the best learning comes from looking into other businesses.
Seeing how they operate and if what they or how they do it could be applied in your area.

Good writing, Andrew!

To take a hike with the Artful Manager, follow this link.

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