Friday, May 25, 2007

Songs on the run, and more

Chris writes:
Greetings... or for those of you who don't speak formal English -- 'sup?! My name's Chris, I'm a New Englander by birthright but I grew up in north Jersey (graduated from Indian Hills High School in Oakland, Bergen County) and I wouldn't trade that for anything. Have since spent time in Salt Lake City and Missoula, Montana... now, if home is where the heart is then I'm homeless. I spend much of my time living in central Alaska and this is an amazing place if you love the outdoors, but my heart's back in Upstate New York. What's here for now is basically just a record of my running, hiking, and the music I listen to, movies I watch, plus a little of this & that, maybe a rant or twelve about how despicable selfish American society is and the need for more people to volunteer AND give away more of their money rather than wastefully spend it on pursuing nicer, shinier, newer material possessions. Anyway, also here will eventually be my Appalachian Trail journal as well as tales of my travels once I next head out on the road and/or out of the country. Au revoir.

This is for the runner, the music lover... Enjoy!

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a.k.a. Zooomabooma said...

Was a little odd seeing in an email alert for a blog search, my own blog, but not with my http attached. "Hmmm... wait. That's me!" Confused I was at first... but you've spotlighted me. Cool. Mount Everest is a tough act to follow but I thank you none the less! Have a nice week :)